Non-IT Staffing and Managed Services

To find the right client engagement for our job candidates, we are dedicated to understanding your personal and professional goals. We are currently recruiting and hiring for these types of roles.

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Why New Journey

  • Contractor Care
  • Management/MSP Outreach
  • Personalized Recruiting Strategies & Management
  • 24/7 Point of Contact & Dedicated Program Manager
  • Bulk Hiring
  • In-House HR, Benefits, Payroll, Compliance & Legal Team
  • Immediate Requisition Response Rate


“You all have been a fantastic partner. We required a lot from your team in a short amount of time, and you went above and beyond our expectations. We would not have hit our hiring targets without your team.”
– Client

“Recruiters are really amazing! My life is 100% better and I am SO much happier in my new positions with incredible companies. It is so incredible to truly get to wake up every day and do what you love. Recruiters – you are changing lives!!!”
– Consultant

“Great partner and easy to work with. They make my job so much easier because of your thorough work ethic.”