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New Journey AI traces our heritage as a company back to 2017 when our team of experienced technical recruiters began to support Artificial Intelligence and the self-driving vehicle industry.

Embracing change is what we do.


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Translating potential into reality!

We are passionate about technology—and understanding how technology can help create a better tomorrow, today. We can contribute to perfecting the intelligence behind the self-driving vehicle by providing drivers to test, track and capture their experiences. Sounds simple, but the experiences and learnings lead to data which helps advance smart living—improving safety and protecting lives, advancing mobility and contributing to a greener planet.

New Journey AI will create employment opportunities and pave a new career path, but moreover, at the heart, we are a people company that is helping our clients advance new, experimental, driverless AI technology to improve the transportation of people, safely. Our role is to support the testing of the driverless technology and gathering data to refine machine learning.

As the partner of choice to the self-driving industry, we actively promote and encourage diversity and inclusion of all people regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

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At New Journey AI, our commitment to our employees and our planet is Green and Clean. We believe that everyone can and should play a part to making our planet a better place each and every day.